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USA Archery Membership Options

Membership to USA Archery has many privileges, all of which are outlined below. USA Archery is grateful for the support our members provide to the sport of archery. Your dues help the sport at all levels from grassroots to developmental programs and the Olympic, Paralympic and U.S. Archery Teams.

All-Access Memberships

All-Access memberships will enable you to compete in all USA Archery events, club and developmental programs and also includes a subscription to our newsletter, insurance and access to exclusive promotions and much, much more.

Recreational Memberships

This introductory membership will allow you to participate in JOAD and Adult archery club programs and virtual tournaments. You will also receive our monthly newsletter to keep you updated on all USA Archery information.

Temporary Memberships

A temporary membership will permit you to compete in a single USA Archery local or state event if you are not a member of any archery association or you are a NFAA member.

NFAA Youth Memberships

Our partnership program extends membership to NFAA youth members at a reduced cost.

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